Planned Giving can be generally defined as special kinds of gifts that require more forethought and planning than simple cash donations.

The most common examples are:

  • Will or Trust Bequests
  • Life Income Gifts
  • IRA Charitable Rollovers
  • IRA or 401(k) Beneficiaries
  • Life Insurance Beneficiaries
  • Gifts of Stock
  • Gifts of Real Estate

Planned giving gifts by generous parishioners in the past have been vitally important to Queen’s Parish and School. The planned giving choices of parishioners today will be just as critical to our mission moving forward. The Queen’s Legacy Group is a small collection of parishioners who stand ready to support others contemplating these choices. They offer support and encouragement of a general nature, and (if requested) professional services as appropriate.

To learn how to begin a dialogue with a member of the Queen’s Legacy Group, please contact the Director of Parishioner Engagement at the Parish Office at (517)783-2748.

*The purpose of this information is to provide a brief introduction to planned giving of a general character only. The publisher, the author, and the institution are not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service. For assistance in specific cases of planned giving, the direct services of an attorney or other professional advisor should be obtained.