Do you have a question about God, Jesus, faith, culture, or anything related to the Catholic Church? Ask Father Tim!

In 2023 Queens Church will be publishing more digital content on our YouTube channel as well as incorporating our homilies in podcast format, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Podbean.

We will be playing your recorded question on a future YouTube video or podcast episode and Father Tim will provide his thoughts and answers.

Question Guidelines and Recommendations

  1. Let Us Know Who You Are
    • We value getting to know real people through digital media. If you feel comfortable, we ask that you follow this format when submitting your questions:
      • Give your first name, what grade you’re in and school you attend (skip academic info if not a student)
      • Your location, if you’re not from our parish territory (Jackson, MI)
      • A bit about your faith (What religious affiliation or denomination are you apart of? How many years have you been practicing or active? Etc.)
    • Your question should sound something like this “Hello Fr. Tim, my name is Megan. I’m in sixth and I go to Lumen Christi. My family and I are Catholic and I would like to ask…” or “Hi Fr. Tim. My name is John and I’m from Detroit. I am a Protestant and I would like to ask…”
  2. Make Your Question Concise
    • The recorder only allows for 30 second recordings, so don’t be too long winded. It might be helpful to practice once before you record you push “Start Recording” to make sure you’ve got a clear and direct question.
  3. Audio Quality Matters
    • If you can, try to wait until you’re in a controlled and quiet environment before recording your question.