Good day everyone,


This is a follow up message to my report about yesterday’s commotion in the Queens Parish Office.  The situation has been resolved.


Officers moved very quickly yesterday to identify the suspect and his whereabouts.  A man was arrested this morning in connection with the case.


Thank you to the Jackson Police Department and their partners in law enforcement for settling this so quickly.  These officers responded quickly and professionally as they always do.  


Everything on the Queens schedule that was adversely impacted by this event will resume tomorrow.  


As I said yesterday, Queens is still a very safe place to pray, worship, learn and play.  We can all help keep it that way by following a simple rule – ‘if you see something, say something.’  


Let’s pray for our community and let us be vigilant in making sure people still feel safe coming to church.   We pray also for the young man who made these threats that he might receive the help he needs to become a productive member of society.  

Fr. Tim MacDonald


Queen of the Miraculous Medal Catholic Church

606 S. Wisner St.  Jackson, Michigan 49203

(517) 783-2748