Good evening one and all,Texture JPEG Door Boarded NoToday some of the church’s outer doors on Bowen and Wisner St. were removed.  They will be back in three weeks.  In the meantime, those entrances to the church have been boarded up and barricaded and they are unusable for entry or exit.  Please plan accordingly when you come to Mass.

I assure you the doors were not broken in and the church has not been vandalized.  This is part of our ongoing upgrades to the church and parish grounds.  These doors are nearly 75 years old and due to their age they do not work as well as one might hope.  Some don’t shut easily or lock securely.  Price Hike - QS StudyWe did price new doors but with supply chain issues and inflation, it was definitely MUCH cheaper to fix what we have than to have new ones made.  These doors will be taken apart piece by piece, sanded, stained and sealed with all new hardware and will be back in business soon.

When these doors are returned and are re-installed, more doors will be taken.  Carlton Blvd will be next but we won’t see all three sets of front doors go at once, so there will still be a way in and out.  No Schedule Change Zone Poster - 8.5 x 14 by FYSquared 4 CounselorsThis project does not affect the schedule of Masses or the Open Doors Disciples Ministry.  It just means more people will be entering and exiting via the Carlton lobby and the elevator entrance.  

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week,

Fr. Tim MacDonald