On Monday August 20th, Queens took delivery of a 2005 Steinway & Sons Series L 5’11” Grand Piano for our sanctuary and for the benefit of our music ministry.  It was a memorial gift from a generous donor who has sponsored it, and therefore places no burden on the parish budget or savings.  It has a very pure sound.  It still needs to be tuned but we need to allow more time for it to adjust to its new climate environment before we have that done.  I hope this piano will make beautiful music at Queens for years to come.  Thank you to Carol Hatch for helping to select it during a private piano sale at the University of Michigan, and many more thanks to the donor who made this possible.  Glory to God!  



More than 50 people are already signed up!  We have room for more.  


All of you are invited to participate in The Rescue Project coming to Queens on Tuesday evenings for 8 weeks starting September 19 and continuing through November 7, from 6pm to 8:15 each evening.  This will include a retreat on Saturday November 4th starting with Mass at 8am and concluding at 2:45pm.


This program is FREE.  It takes place in Vincentian Hall, starting with dinner each week, a short video and small group discussion.  The first night and the retreat will be catered. The other weeks will feature a potluck meal prepared by you!  We do need you to sign up using the link below, if you have not already done so.  


Childcare is available so bring the whole family and save yourself having to cook or do the dishes on Tuesdays for 8 weeks!  


The Rescue Project was developed by Detroit priest and Ave Maria Radio host Fr. John Riccardo. His book Rescued tells the story of salvation for a modern audience, helping us to see the world and ourselves as God does, where religion becomes more about a loving relationship with God and with each other, not just a set of rules, rubrics and regulations to live by.


Everyone is welcome. You are the lifeguards who are going to help us throw the life preservers to those who need them most.  The Rescue Project can benefit:


  • people who are not strong or passionate about their faith,
  • those whose faith has been shaken by a crisis or trauma,
  • those who have lost their faith,
  • younger people who are disillusioned with God and religion,
  • and even those who do not know God. 


Invite them and attend with them.  The Rescue Project can provide inspiration and motivation for everyone who attends.


There are QR codes on the posters at the doors of church or you can sign up right here in this e-mail!


Please don’t sit this one out.  The world needs God.  We need God – now more than ever before.  And we need the church to gain access to the sacraments and the hope of salvation.  We need to be Rescued.  


Join us Tuesday evenings this fall starting September 19 for The Rescue Project.



Parents of K-12 children in public school should have their kids enrolled in Faith Formation if they are not using a pre-approved program of home school religious education.  We have offerings for Pre-K through high school.  Classes take place in Queens School and start on Sunday September 10.  They run from 10:15 – 11:45 each week.  There is a modest cost but there are caps for families with multiple students and financial aid is available.  You can use the QR code or the form found in the bulletin or just sign up below! 



It was a great moment this past Wednesday evening when more than 20 people were in Seton Hall at the parish offices for the first inquiry meeting for RCIA.  That is an unusually large group, and there are still more expected.  


These are people looking for a sense of purpose and belonging in their lives, and Queens parish and the Catholic faith offer both, served up with healthy doses of truth, beauty and goodness.  


If you are aware of someone who needs faith in their life, please send them our way.  RCIA is no strings attached.  Come as you are, and come as often as you can.  The Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.  


RCIA meets every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:15pm at the parish office.  Call the office for more information.  



Fr. Tim MacDonald




Queen of the Miraculous Medal Catholic Church

606 S. Wisner St.  Jackson, Michigan 49203

(517) 783-2748