All across the Diocese, today is also the official kickoff for the 2023 Disciple Maker Index.   850 parishioners filled this out in 2019.  I am hoping more than a thousand will do so in 2023.  Married couples should fill this out separately and everyone aged 18 or over is asked to take the 10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey. For those who are not comfortable taking this survey on a computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone, we do have paper copies available at the parish office and we will eventually have paper copies and laptops to help people complete the DMI after weekend Masses.   

Your answers are anonymous.  This information is meant to help parish and diocesan leadership figure out how best to serve you and how best to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a world where fewer and fewer people have faith.   On behalf of Bishop Boyea, I am grateful to everyone who will take the time between now and March 28th to fill this out.  The data collected from the DMI will be a vital resource in planning for the future.